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Hullcode offers its own digital solutions for both publishers and advertisers. We craft useful marketing, experiences, and digital services that grow online businesses

Solutions for Advertisers

We provide high quality push traffic or can help you to manage your 3rd party campaigns

Solutions for Publishers

We know what you need as publisher. Try us and optimize your traffic monetization

Adtech Consulting

Do you have a technological problem that you need to cover? We offer you customized solutions with great impact on your business.



Discover now our self-service solution and access our top quality push/pop traffic, or if you are a publisher, monetize your site's traffic with the highest payouts on the market.

SSP/DSP Services

We have direct JSON/XML API connection.

If you are a network and want to access our inventory, or would like your traffic to be part of our network, contact us so we can work together as soon as possible

Our Partners

The Team

We are a group exclusively formed by engineers and developers with over 15 years of experience as a team in the marketing world.

Five years ago, we embarked on our own venture to provide a specialized and superior service, tailored to meet the dynamic needs of the sector.

Today, we can confidently assert that we have reached our goal, and we are here to assist you in achieving yours.

Juan Mora

Business Consultant

Eduardo Ortega

Business Developer

Oliver Garrido

Business Intelligence

Eduardo Sevillano

Quality & Content

Pablo Sánchez

IT Development

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